Queensland is also nicknamed the ‘Sunshine State.’ It is known for its sub-tropical weather and beaches. Because of its culture and lifestyle, it is a significant tourist attraction.

The waterfront restaurant in Brisbane also grabs prominent eyeballs for its delicious cuisine and seafood. If you are visiting Brisbane city in Queensland, south bank restaurants are a must-try out. The seafood here is a treat to have.

But seafood is a lot different from red meat, and thus if you are no longer sure what to order, you are at the right place.

Instead of staring blankly at the menu, just read the tips below.

  • Take help from the staff:

Most of the high-end Brisbane south bank restaurants have weird dish names on their menu like ‘ortreliche /Salloum.’ The reason behind giving dishes such alien names is to make the dishes sound more high-end or exotic.

If you are left scratching your head going through the menu, don’t be embarrassed. Most people have similar reactions that are less equipped with seafood. You can always take the help of staff and ask them to suggest the best dish in the restaurant.

They will also let you know all the ingredients being used if you are allergic to something.

  • Know About the seasonal fishes

It would be amazing to do some research before exploring a restaurant in Southbank, Brisbane. The restaurants tend to offer seasonal seafood under the ‘specials’ section. To enjoy the fresh, seasonal seafood, you should know about the local fish in season, like Spanner crab is all year favorite of people. The season of delicious Scallops starts in July and is cheaper in Australia.

Yellowtail Scad is another local and popular seafood in Australia that you must give a try.


Though devouring the seafood is fun, ordering it is not! These tips will help you choose and order the seafood confidently from ‘River Quay Fish’– the best restaurant in Southbank. So, what are you waiting for? Book a table today!