Queensland is also nicknamed the ‘Sunshine State.’ It is known for its sub-tropical weather and beaches. Because of its culture and lifestyle, it is a significant tourist attraction.

The waterfront restaurant in Brisbane also grabs prominent eyeballs for its delicious cuisine and seafood. If you are visiting Brisbane city in Queensland, south bank restaurants are a must-try out. The seafood here is a treat to have.

But seafood is a lot different from red meat, and thus if you are no longer sure what to order, you are at the right place.

Instead of staring blankly at the menu, just read the tips below.

  • Take help from the staff:

Most of the high-end Brisbane south bank restaurants have weird dish names on their menu like ‘ortreliche /Salloum.’ The reason behind giving dishes such alien names is to make the dishes sound more high-end or exotic.

If you are left scratching your head going through the menu, don’t be embarrassed. Most people have similar reactions that are less equipped with seafood. You can always take the help of staff and ask them to suggest the best dish in the restaurant.

They will also let you know all the ingredients being used if you are allergic to something.

  • Know About the seasonal fishes

It would be amazing to do some research before exploring a restaurant in Southbank, Brisbane. The restaurants tend to offer seasonal seafood under the ‘specials’ section. To enjoy the fresh, seasonal seafood, you should know about the local fish in season, like Spanner crab is all year favorite of people. The season of delicious Scallops starts in July and is cheaper in Australia.

Yellowtail Scad is another local and popular seafood in Australia that you must give a try.


Though devouring the seafood is fun, ordering it is not! These tips will help you choose and order the seafood confidently from ‘River Quay Fish’– the best restaurant in Southbank. So, what are you waiting for? Book a table today!

If you want to celebrate a special occasion in a restaurant with special people, you should always research different restaurants and filter out the location before selecting one. If you want a restaurant in a good location, then restaurants in Southbank, Brisbane should be on your list. Before selecting a restaurant, there are some extra things that you should keep in mind, like do you want to arrange a dinner at Southbank or lunch at Southbank Brisbane.

Some of the major factors to keep in mind while selecting South bank restaurants Brisbane are as follows- 

  1. Reviews

The technology of this generation has made everything easier. With the help of a computer or mobile phone, you can search the reviews of a particular restaurant. With the help of the reviews, you can get an idea of how good or bad the particular restaurant is.     

  1. Specialty

There are many restaurants in Southbank, Brisbane, but to filter the best one for you, you should filter out the specialty cuisine of the restaurant and then decide on your preferred cuisine. If you want to eat seafood in Brisbane, you should prefer restaurants specializing in seafood cuisine. 

  1. Proximity

Let’s say you chose a restaurant in Southbank, Brisbane, which is very far away from you and your guests’ reach then you won’t be able to celebrate the special occasion. This is why location and proximity play a huge role in selecting a good restaurant. 

  1. Affordability

Imagine that you selected a waterfront restaurant in Brisbane which is very expensive and not worth the money. You should always avoid these kinds of places as they are usually not worth the money and it’s always better to spend on something you can afford. 

  1. Cleanliness and hygiene

If you are opting for restaurant Southbank, Brisbane, you filter out places with bad hygiene standards. Hygiene and cleanliness are some things that can make or break your reputation. 

The Takeaway

You should keep in mind that if you are opting for a restaurant in Southbank, Brisbane, or elsewhere, good food can always have a good effect on a person’s mood, so a choosing a restaurant can always be a break or make the deal as it can a have a good impression or it can leave a bad impression on your guests. If you want more insights about choosing the perfect restaurant, you should visit this website of River Quay Fish.

The Brisbane dining scene is currently at the top of its game. Brisbane has a wide number of fine dining restaurants that are exceptionally suited for special occasions or simply if you want to treat yourself. These fine dining restaurants offer various reasons that include Indian gastronomy, Lebanese cuisine, Italian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, or even seven-course meals for their customers.

You will remain spoilt for choices to choose the one where you want to spend your evening. You can enjoy delectable dishes for your breakfast in Brisbane.

What is Fine dining?

Fine dining could be described as the experience within a restaurant where the level of formality and the quality offered, are significantly higher as compared to an experience at a casual dining restaurant.  The staff members at a fine dining restaurant are much more experienced and have a higher level of training.

While dining in Southbank in these fine dining restaurants, you can expect top-notch qualities of service and food. Suppose you want to enjoy a Southbank breakfast at a fine dining restaurant, the price would be higher as compared to casual dining restaurants. However, the quality of food and service that you would receive from these restaurants would be unmatchable.

Why is it better?

If you are looking for premium quality food and high-quality customer service, fine dining restaurants are your best option. Some of these restaurants have very aesthetic interiors with few offering breakfasts with a view of Brisbane.

While fine dining restaurants are smaller in size and have fewer outlets, this model enables the owners and the chefs to maintain the quality of food they serve to their customers. You will enjoy a better ambiance while having breakfast at fine dining restaurants in Southbank, Brisbane as compared to any casual dining restaurant that offers cheaper prices. The main advantage is the quality of food and customer service that you would enjoy as a customer.


We at River Quay Fish craft premium quality seafood along with a quayside bar. We want to provide our customers with an environment where they can eat, drink and socialize while relaxing at the best waterfront location in Brisbane. Apart from our staple products, our customers could also opt for different picnic hampers, special offers, and takeaways, making the restaurant the best waterfront dining option that you can have. We offer you a perfect place to host celebrations, date nights, and lunch dates with your friends, families, and loved ones.

Travelling is fun, but it becomes more fulfilling when you’ve done your research. Whether you’re just visiting Queensland as a tourist, or you’re a resident who wants to explore more of the place, you simply can’t miss out on Brisbane. The river itself is a gorgeous sight, but it is really it’s South Bank that you need to look out for. At the moment, it is THE place to be, because the South Bank of Brisbane has emerged as a cultural and lifestyle hotspot.

Things to look out for
You might be a foodie, or you could be an avid observer of cultural events. Or, your interests might lie in taking in the beautiful river and the parklands around. The South Bank hosts a multitude of engaging celebrations and cultural events all the time, and there’s never a boring moment once you get here. In any case, the South Bank of Brisbane has something for everyone!

Dinner at Brisbane
And while you’re at it, you simply must plan on catching dinner, Brisbane river flowing along beside you. If you’re there before the sun dips and only have time for lunch, Southbank Brisbane will still give you an extravagant number of options. The South Bank is well known for its astounding number of eateries and restaurants that serve lip-smacking food while simultaneously transporting you to a whole other world with their impeccable decor and ambiance. Plus, Brisbane waterfront restaurants boast a splendid view of the city’s beautiful skyline. The combination of the quality of food, the environment, the river flowing by in its characteristic serenity, and the view, is something that you honestly shouldn’t miss. And, over the last few years, the South Bank has actually evolved into a posh, culturally rich social hangout for the ones who enjoy a bit of visually aesthetic and refined fun.

You could wish for any kind of food and you’ll find it here! But if you are a fan of seafood, then look no further. Out of every other restaurant, Southbank Brisbane is home to River Quay Fish, which can certifiably blow your mind with its seafood options alongside a quayside bar. River Quay Fish curates the purest and richest seafood dishes for you. You can have your fill and still be craving more!